Book Club: Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony, 3, fish tales and creativity

Footnotes to Plato

Threespine and Ninespine sticklebacks

Continuing our discussion of Kevin Laland’s Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony, on the evolution of culture, I am going to briefly cover “A tale of two fishes” (ch. 4) and “The roots of creativity” (ch. 5). Together with the chapters we have already discussed, they complete the first part of the book, devoted to the foundations of culture. (After this, we’ll move to the chapters in the second part, on the evolution of the mind.)

Chapter 4 is devoted primarily to research conducted over a period of two decades by Laland’s own lab, focusing on the contrast in the behavior between two small species of fish, the threespine and the ninespine sticklebacks. The reason for working on this sort of experimental animals is that if one is interested in social evolution then one needs to set up replicates of entire populations. Logistically, this is going to be…

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