Baby elephant rescued from ditch and reunited with mother

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s a lovely video posted by “Magestic Tuskers”, with their description:

In Kerala, India, a baby elephant falls into a ditch (or an abandoned well) and gets trapped there. As the family of wild elephants watches and waits on the other side of the river, local people and forest officials use an earthmover to help the baby get out.

Watch when they come running and welcoming the baby, checking whether it is fine. The incredible moment then occurs when the elephant family head turns and salutes the humans, thanking them for saving their little one..

Very clever to use an earth-mover to raise the level of the ground in the ditch, and the elephants’ joy at getting the baby back is palpable. The “saluting of humans,” however, involves just one elephant raising her trunk, and is probably wish-thinking on the part of the rescuers rather than genuine pachyderm gratitude. But…

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