E. O. Wilson: confused about free will

I have written an essay here arguing that we do have free will. https://yandoo.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/determinism-free-will-and-compatibilism/


Why Evolution Is True

An article in the September 14 Harper’s, “On Free Will (and How the Brain is like a Colony of Ants”, gives an excerpt from Wilson’s book released that year, The Meaning of Human Existence.  In the piece and the passage below, Wilson appears to be a sort of compatibilist, but I find his discussion so confusing that I’m not quite sure what he’s trying to say. But his message is pretty clear: we can act as if we have a kind of free will, and those who deny it are doomed to insanity and a “deteriorating mind”.  The main bits:

The power to explain consciousness, however, will always be limited. Suppose neuroscientists somehow successfully learned all of the processes of one person’s brain in detail. Could they then explain the mind of that individual? No, not even close.

. . . Then there is the element of chance. The…

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