Why isn’t anti-Semitism as reviled as “Islamophobia” or anti-black racism?

Why Evolution Is True

Everybody knows that, among the Left, “Islamophobia” is a cardinal sin, even when it refers not to bigotry against Muslims but criticism of Muslim beliefs. Certainly real bigotry against individuals, or invidious stereotypes against groups, should be decried, as it is for anti-black racism. In fact, one characteristic of the Left is its sympathy for groups perceived to be oppressed or the target of discrimination in history.

Except for the Jews, that is, despite the fact that their demonization and oppression are common knowledge.

Here are the latest FBI date on hate crimes from the last year they’ve been reported—2016:

Just taking incidents in that year, the most frequent hate crimes were against blacks (1,739), gays (799 including lesbians), whites (720), and Jews (684).  Muslims were victims of 307 incidents, fewer than Hispanics.  Even without dividing these by the number of victims to get a per capita rate, it’s clear…

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