Pinker’s new book out tomorrow, previewed in the Guardian and the WSJ

I have pre-ordered a copy of this book.

Why Evolution Is True

Yes, tomorrow is the release of Steve Pinker’s new book , Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason Science, Humanism, and Progress, which is already at #48 on Amazon. I gave a preview of it here, noting that Bill Gates called it “my new favorite book of all time,” replacing Steve’s earlier book, The Better Angels of our Nature. Gates had read a prepublication copy, and his encomium surely boosted sales. But this book is destined to be a best seller, and I’m glad.

I’m glad because it promotes humanism, science, rationality, and progress, and claims that faith and dogma (i.e., religion) don’t promote social progress. You can see this in two precis of the book that Steve has written for the Guardian and for the Wall Street Journal. (The former is free; the latter is behind a paywall but judicious inquiry might yield a pdf). I now…

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