They blacked out the eyes of the donkeys!

We must conceal the identities of the donkeys!

Why Evolution Is True

This story, from the Daily Post of Wales (h/t Matthew), wouldn’t give you much pause just from the headline. Yes, a guy was caught smuggling equids from Ireland to Leeds, but that’s sort of. . . ho-hum. It’s the photos, or rather one photo, that make this story. Click on the headline to see the tale of the donkey + horse smuggler:

A summary from the Post:

A donkey smuggler has been sentenced for trying to bring the animals into Wales without the proper paperwork.

John Peter Luke Wilcock admitted five charges brought against him by Anglesey council when he appeared at Caernarfon magistrates court.

Delyth Crisp, prosecuting, said the 37-year-old, of Dens Green, Bradford, was driving an animal transporter but was stopped at Holyhead Port in May.

Officials were concerned and, upon inspection, found 12 donkeys and a horse in the vehicle.

. . . Wilcock was also ordered…

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