Jordan Peterson disrupted at Queen’s University

Why Evolution Is True

On Monday, the controversial Jordan Peterson gave a talk at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. I still don’t know what to make of him, as I haven’t had time to listen to his videos or read his books or other writings. He seems to have some sound views, but others that are wonky. But one thing he’s not is a white supremacist or fascist. He is serious and has things to say that even his opponents should hear (I doubt that many of those who protest him know anything about him beyond his refusal to be compelled to use “pronouns of choice. But that’s enough to permanently cast him into purgatory.)

As recounted in the school’s newspaper The Queen’s University Journal, and local  The Kingston Whig-Standard, about 150 students and others protested Peterson’s appearance, most of them apparently peaceful. But more than a handful were rowdy, with…

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