Teaching Evolution: Darwin

Why Evolution Is True

Note from Jerry: Greg plans to run a mini-MOOC here, so if you want some education in evolution, do the readings and answer the questions (to yourself). This is the first installment.

by Greg Mayer

This semester I’m teaching BIOS 314 Evolutionary Biology, an upper level undergraduate course. The students are all or mostly biological sciences majors, and general genetics and biostatistics are prerequisites for taking the course. As a textbook, I use Evolution, by Doug Futuyma and Mark Kirkpatrick, published by Sinauer Associates of Sunderland, Mass., which last year became an imprint of Oxford University Press. This is the 4th edition of the current iteration of this text, which also had 3 editions under an earlier iteration with the title Evolutionary Biology. Doug was my undergraduate evolution teacher, and I took the class with him while he was writing the first edition of Evolutionary…

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