Don’t use bathroom hot-air hand dryers!

Why Evolution Is True

I almost never use bathroom hand dryers, though I always wash my hands scrupulously (one reason, I think, that I didn’t get colds or the flu this year). But the reason has been time, not sanitation: it takes a long time for those things to dry your mitts, and I don’t like to linger in public bathrooms. Instead, if there are no paper towels, I will shake my hands off and let them air dry.

But now there’s an even better reason to avoid public hand dryers—both the hot-air dryers with nozzles and the jet dryers, shown respectively below:

That reason is bacteria. According to articles in BoingBoing, Ars Technica, and other places, based on a new scientific paper, these dryers spray potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses onto your hands—bacteria you wouldn’t get if you used paper towels or used the Coyne air-drying method.

Why? Because the hot…

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