Accommodationism at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Why Evolution Is True

I thought that, by and large, Aussies were nonreligious, though I’m aware of the hold that the church has on certain Australian states. I’m also aware that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is the national public television network—an organ of the government. And its website has just published a pretty dire piece—in its “Science” section, of all places—showing how scientists can reconcile religion and science, and using three scientists as examples.  If there’s any freedom of the press at the ABC, perhaps they can put up an article showing the much larger number of scientists (especially accomplished ones) who don’t reconcile religion and science.

Here’s the article, by Anna Salleh, published yesterday (click on screenshot):

The article makes two familiar arguments for the compatibility of science and religion:

1.) Many famous scientists were religious:

Some argue that being religious is incompatible with being a scientist — but…

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