Trump screws up in Singapore

Why Evolution Is True

Of course Trump wasn’t going to get Kim Jong-un to give up his nukes; that was never on the table. There is a lot of talk of how Trump gave away the farm (no more joint U.S./South Korean military exercises) and got precious little in return, while the DPRK got a propaganda triumph. Still, that doesn’t really change much, although it makes Trump look ridiculous and weak. But we knew that anyway. No, the biggest screwup he made was coddling the world’s worst dictator and, according to the New York Times, making statements like this:

Trump praised Kim in the news conference and, astonishingly, even adopted North Korean positions as his own, saying that the United States military exercises in the region are “provocative.” That’s a standard North Korean propaganda line. Likewise, Trump acknowledged that human rights in North Korea constituted a “rough situation,” but quickly added that “it’s…

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