The Boy from Baradine, by Craig Emerson #BookReview

I like Craig Emerson, but when it comes to conflicts between party political advisors and professional civil servants, I tend to side with the latter.

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I don’t mind a political bio every now and again, and Craig Emerson’s reflections on his journey from obscurity to the national stage make for interesting reading.  A very positive review in The Australian (paywalled) was the catalyst for my purchase, but the book probably would have lingered longer on the shelf if not for Emerson’s appearance on the program at the Woodend Winter Arts Festival.  I finished reading this engaging memoir just in time for Emerson’s session with Sally Warhaft and Don Watson, but the book was barely mentioned in a wide-ranging discussion on the theme of ‘Australia Adrift’.  I took six pages of notes but I’ll confine myself to sharing just one example…

In response to Sally Warhaft’s opening salvo:

Australia is close to greatness, so close to falling apart.  Sketch the state of the nation…

Craig Emerson talked about how aspects of Australia are great, but the…

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