Vote for the kakapo Lego set

The video is hilarious!

Why Evolution Is True

Kakapos (Strigops habroptila), as you should know by now, are the world’s only flightless parrot, and as such—and being residents of once-predator-free New Zealand—are highly endangered, and have been moved to predator-free islands to try to keep the species going. They are also adorable, as well as being horny. Here is perhaps the most popular video of any parrot: Sirocco, the “spokesparrot” for kakapos.

As Heather Hastie points out in her latest post, there’s a campaign afoot to have Lego create a Kakapo Kit, which will produce moveable bird replicas that look like this:

and this:

I’m pretty sure that if Lego builds this thing, part of the proceeds will be used to save this wonderful bird. They…

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