Ontario requires publicly funded colleges and universities to implement free speech policies

Why Evolution Is True

The government of Canada’s province of Ontario has given every publicly-funded university and college four months to create and put in place free-speech policies modeled on that of the University of Chicago (our policy here). The article below (click on screenshot) officially announces that policy:

Here’s what the schools have to do. Note that student organizations have to comply as well, or lose funding, that discipline must be imposed on students who violate the policy and, as the announcement adds darkly, universities that don’t comply with this order may face “reductions to their operating grant funding.” This is directly from the Ontario government’s announcement.

Free Speech Policy

The policy must apply to faculty, students, staff, management and guests, and it must meet a minimum standard by including the following:

  • A definition of freedom of speech
  • Principles based on the University of Chicago Statement on Principles of Free Expression:
    • Universities…

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