Steve Bannon appears on Bill Maher’s show

Posted in the interests of free speech. For the record, I oppose almost all of Steve Bannon’s policies that I am aware of.

Why Evolution Is True

I noticed that alongside Bill Maher’s trenchant anti-religious diatribe on his most recent show, there was also an appearance by Steve Bannon, the much-demonized and oft-deplatformed far-Rightist who was the erstwhile advisor to Donald Trump. As you may recall, the preening and arrogant invertebrate David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, had importuned Bannon to be interviewed by him at the upcoming New Yorker Festival, and Bannon accepted.

But then Remnick, after pushback from offended snowflakes, and the threat of some participants to withdraw from the Festival, rescinded Bannon’s invitation. That was a lousy thing to do. As Malcolm Gladwell (a staff writer on the NYer) tweeted,

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