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Why Evolution Is True

Jacques Hausser of Switzerland sent some photos of puffins, noting “I would have had time to select additional photos, but I preferred to hear Svante Pââbo’s lecture. Interesting !” So be it! His notes are below:

Earlier this summer I sent you several photos of sea birds and waders from the Shetland. Probably because of my chronic distraction, I just forgot the really iconic (and really cute) species of these islands: the Atlantic Puffin, Fratercula arctica. “Fratercula” means little brother, or little monk. Probably due to changes in the abundance and distribution of their main food, the sand eels, the species has recently strongly plummeted, but not as dramatically as shown by some papers.

Proudly sitting in front of its burrow. They mostly use abandoned rabbit holes, (somebody told me they can actually expel the real owner), but can dig it themselves if necessary. Their curious and colorful…

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