Weigh in on the elections

Why Evolution Is True

I just woke up in Paris to find out that the Democrats have won fairly big in the House, now controlling that chamber, but that the GOP has retained control of the Senate. The governors’ races seem to be a toss-up, with no resolution yet, though I’m not sure why those aren’t as settled as are the Congressional seats.

It is mildly heartening that the Democrats won the House, but that just guarantees a stalemate for two more years, and of course it’s a Republican Senate who would confirm any new Supreme Court appointment, which may be likely if Ruth Bader Ginsburg resigns. Remember, too, that Trump can veto any legislation passed by Congress, and it requires a 67% vote to overturn a Presidential veto.

Given the reportedly big turnout of Dems and groups like Hispanics, this does not bode well for Presidential re-election in two years, which will be…

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