Readers’ wildlife photos

Australian ravens vs barn owl.

Why Evolution Is True

Reader Duncan McCaskill from Canberra, Australia sent a series of photos documenting a kerfuffle between ravens and barn owls. Ravens always win a confrontation like this if there are more than one of them. Duncan’s notes are indented:

Back in August, I heard a great commotion amongst the local birds around my home in Canberra. I went to investigate and found that the object of all the fuss was a Barn Owl (Tyto alba or Tyto javanica or Tyto delicatula depending on which authority you use). The poor owl was being mobbed by many birds, such as Pied Currawongs (Strepera graculina) and Australian Magpies (Gymnorhina tibicen), but the most vicious and persistent of the attackers was a pair of Australian Ravens (Corvus coronoides).
The mob forced the owl to the ground where I found it getting a brief respite from the…

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