Trump’s impeachment: give your take

Why Evolution Is True

Despite Rashida Tlaib’s incendiary words of two days ago, the fact remains that Donald Trump has shown himself the most incompetent American President of our time—or perhaps all time. He’s shut down the government over his wall, creating an impasse that seems unbreakable, embroiled us in a debilitating, no-win trade war with China, ended intervention in Syria against military advice, and either fired or forced out many of the more moderate and competent people in his administration. His attacks on his opponents and on the press are constant and unconscionable.

The government is being led by a petulant, tantrum-throwing child who shows no scintilla of adult maturity. What’s worse, his narcissism and mindlessness has the possibility of embroiling us in a war. I didn’t think that was possible, but as his Presidency proceeds, I find it less and less unthinkable. My disgust is turning to a palpable fear.

Today’s New York…

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