Readers’ wildlife photos and video

Why Evolution Is True

We have two contributors today. The first is Charles Sawicki, who found a beaver! His notes, and those of Stephen below, are indented.

Here are photos and a movie of a rescued beaver.

This North American beaver (Castor canadensis) was found early last summer as a tiny kit crying in a drainage ditch. Beavers in distress make sounds that can easily be mistaken for a crying child. She had nasty puncture wounds suggesting an attack by some sort of raptor. There was no lodge nearby so she was taken to a rehab person and named Beatrix (voyager in Nordic languages).

At a few pounds she was much too small to be outside her lodge, so how her problems began remains a mystery. Initially nursed on goat milk, she is now doing well, but can’t be released to the wild since she missed the acquisition of cultural knowledge from her…

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