Scientists damn Behe’s new book; he responds lamely

Why Evolution Is True

As I’ve mentioned before, Michael Behe has a new creationist (i.e., Intelligent Design) book coming out soon: Darwin Devolves: The New Science about DNA that Challenges Evolution. While its official release date is February 26, three scientists have written an extremely critical review of the book in the journal Science (click on the screenshot below). One of them, Rich Lenski, did the famous lab-evolution experiments in bacteria that Behe discusses (and apparently tries to rebut) in his book. I won’t reiterate what Lents et al. say, as you can read their review below. The title tells the tale.

Behe, like all ID advocates, has a very thin skin. Although his books have sold decently in America because we have so many creationists seeking confirmation of what they like to believe, the response of scientists to Intelligent Design—and Behe’s books—has been pretty similar to the opinion of Judge Jones…

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One response to “Scientists damn Behe’s new book; he responds lamely

  1. Frank Huggins

    The review is based on a straw man version of what Dr. Behe is saying. He is talking specifically about the capabilities of evolution by means of blind and mindless processes. Those processes can’t even produce eukaryotes, let alone HOX genes which help control development.

    The review is nothing but question-begging.


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