The biology of sex differences in human brains and behaviors: a new book on “neurosexism”

Why Evolution Is True

For a while now I’ve put up the occasional post about those who claim that there are no evolved and genetically based differences between male and female behaviors, brains, and hormones. This claim is based not on science but on ideology, stemming from the fear that if you show differences between men and women in these respects, that will somehow justify a biologically based sexism: that women are inferior to men in some ways and thus can be treated as subordinates.

But this “blank-slateism”, which also holds for differences between ethnic groups, is also  used to justify the dismissal of evolutionary psychology as a whole—and for the same reasons. The ideological denialism of differences between any groups is based on the premise that difference equals inferiority and justifies unequal treatment and bigotry.

Well, leaving aside the possibility that genetically based trait differences may reveal better rather than worse performance of…

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