Readers’ wildlife photos

Why Evolution Is True

Today’s photos, including a plant and many arthropods, come from regular contributor Tony Eales, who lives in Queensland. His notes are indented:

I’m sending a grab bag of some interesting things I’ve photographed lately.

When I was in Western Australia recently I found this beautiful sundew known as the Red-ink SundewDrosera erythrorhiza. I’m a big fan of carnivorous plants and this was a real beauty.

Another personal favourite is the spiders in the genus Arkys. I hope one day to photograph all of the known Australian species in this genus (around 18 in all) and back in March I got my sixth species, Arkys furcatus.

Another personal goal is to photograph at least one member of each insect order. This weekend I upped my count by two with a member of the Webspinner order Embioptera and a member of the Jumping Bristletail order Archaeognatha

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