What identity politics did to Rosanna Arquette

Why Evolution Is True

The actor Rosanna Arquette, who has become a woke activist, tweeted this out yesterday. When I went back to retrieve it, I found that she had “protected” her Twitter feed so that I couldn’t embed the tweet. Fortunately, someone took a screenshot:

Her feed now (note that “silence is complicity”):

I was a big fan of Arquette’s performances in Desperately Seeking Susan and especially as Gary Gilmore’s girlfriend in The Executioner’s Song, but this self-flagellation is shameful. What does it accomplish? Does it help people of color? I don’t think so. What it does is demonstrate Arquette’s bona fides as a Woke Person, as well as reinforcing the kind of racism that deems all white people as oppressors and “the other”.   I seriously doubt that Arquette was either a racist or an oppressor, and so why is she ashamed? Is she ashamed that she has the skin…

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