Words and phrases I hate

Why Evolution Is True

All our excursions and landings in Antarctica for the day have been cancelled because of very high winds (ca. 50 mph) and very low temperatures. Even a few minutes on deck without gloves or a hat will freeze your extremities. The sea is covered with bits of ice, large and small, and I’m not lecturing today.

So what’s there to do except engage in a favorite way of blowing off steam: noting the words and phrases I hate? Today I have three, but two come from the most reliable source of bad language: HuffPost. The other is a new phrase that grates on me most painfully.

I can’t guarantee that I haven’t mentioned any of these before.

1.) “Fierce”. This is now used not to denote fearless aggressiveness, but simply “something admirable”, as in the HuffPost article below (click on screenshot). By eviscerating the word’s meaning, its users show a…

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