Coronavirus information; and practical advice on “social distancing”

Why Evolution Is True

by Greg Mayer

A group at Oxford produces a website called “Our World in Data“, and they have excellent coronavirus coverage, including not just data compilations but also information of practical use. They have good to great visualizations, with very good explainers.

The data are updated daily based on WHO figures. It has a single set of authors and vetted data source. Their “Growth of cases” (third set of charts in) I find particularly useful, as it is able to show changes in the dynamics– the fact that in China and South Korea they have passed the peak. (This, of course, does not rule out a second wave of exponential growth later, as has happened with flu pandemics.)

Screen shot of growth of confirmed cases from Our World in Data, 2020 03 17 1146 GMT -5. (The “+0 new” for the United States is probably due to…

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