Unpredictable results of the pandemic

At least I now have a valid excuse for looking shaggy.

Why Evolution Is True

If we knew in advance that a pandemic was coming, and could foresee what would happen, I suppose many of us would have predicted the lockdown under which most Americans now live.  But I doubt that I would have guessed that, beyond the deaths, misery, and confusion, we’d also have to live with more minor but completely unforeseeable deprivations.  Here are three that I’ve noticed:

1.) Nobody can get a haircut, at least not in a commercial salon or barbershop.  The upside is: who cares? Who’s gonna see you? As with others who aren’t bald of depilated, I’m getting shaggier and shaggier (I’ll document this over time):

2.) Sports is effectively dead for the time being. Every night I watch the sports broadcast on the local news (only because it’s the last thing before my beloved but now scary national newscast), and it’s sad: they replay highlights from previous seasons…

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