Three Simple Maths Problems

Here are three simple maths problems that you should be able to do in your head:

  1. A smartphone and a case cost $110 in total. The phone costs $100 more than the case. How much does the case cost?
  2. It takes 8 printers 8 minutes to print 8 brochures. How long would it take 24 printers to print 24 brochures?
  3. On a field there is a patch of weeds. Every day the patch doubles in size. It takes 30 days for the patch to cover the whole field. How long does it take for the patch to cover half the field?

Solutions will be provided at a later date.

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One response to “Three Simple Maths Problems

  1. Cam Brown

    1: $105.00 2: 8 minutes 3: 29 days


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