Tim Harding has been a member of the Australian Skeptics for over 25 years, and writes a regular column about logical fallacies plus occasional articles in their national magazine “The Skeptic“.  He is also an admin of the Skeptics in Australia Facebook Group.  More recently, he has become a member of Friends of Science in Medicine and voting member of CHOICE.

Professionally, Tim is a former conservation scientist and regulator; now a regulatory consultant specialising in agriculture, conservation, animal welfare, infrastructure, public health and safety. At one stage he was the Mayor of Fitzroy, an inner suburb of Melbourne.  He is also a retired part-time musician, band leader and arranger.  Instead of performing music, he is now studying philosophy (including logic), history and musicology part-time at Monash University. What a busy fellow!

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10 responses to “About

  1. caleb joseph

    Hello Tim,

    I discovered your site when I was looking for logical fallacies two weeks ago. I find your site very intriguing as I have started to explore it. It is a great place to learn about many thing philosophical. Anyhow, I have a question: What would be a philosophical term for he say she say?

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    • Dictionary definition: ‘he-said-she-said. Noun. (uncountable) Conflicting reports from two or more parties on an issue, usually involving a situation between a man and a woman with no other witnesses.’

      I am not aware of any philosophical account of this phrase. Is anybody else?

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  2. Impressive blog! Well done, Tim.

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  3. Mr Harding: As a WordPress user, I seem to be unable to get comments published on so.e blogs – in this particular case, WEIT – of which you just reblogged an article.
    With only these data, could you perhaps tell me what I may me missing or doing wrong? Thank you beforehad,

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  4. Andrea, my understanding is that WordPress users who want to send private messages to each other need to either send an email or install a WordPress plugin. See: https://wordpress.org/plugins/private-messages-for-wordpress/

    I will install this plugin via my PC tomorrow (I’m using an iPad at the moment).

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  5. Lovely to hear from you, Andrea. I was aware of your literary career before coming across your blog. As a non-fiction reader (and hobby writer) I don’t get to read many novels, but yours are at the top of my list!

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  6. Tim Harding? From Monash decades ago? The serenading troubadour? Former Fitzroy Mayor? The demise of private life occasionally yields a reward and this might just be one.

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