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Reading the Garden, the settlement of Australia, by Katie Holden, Susan K. Martin & Kylie Mirhomamadi

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reading-the-gardenReading the Garden was first published in 2008, but somehow I missed it and only discovered it when Emma Ashmere, author of The Floating Garden revealed in Meet an Aussie Author that she had been a researcher for the book.  I tracked it down at my local library that day and reserved it.  I have been fascinated by the history of gardening in Australia ever since I read Holly Kerr-Forsyth’s Remembered Gardens.

Alas, Reading the Garden turned out to be a disappointment, nothing to do with Emma’s research but rather everything to do with the use that’s been made of it.


This is my garden in Autumn, looking out from our French windows. L to R: the edge of a small garden shed, and behind that (where you can’t see it) there’s one of our three water tanks.  There are citrus trees, lemon & lime, obscuring the BBQ; a grape vine on the pergola…

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