Is the Darling River dead fish clean-up just porcine aviation?

Simon Chapman AO


This week’s Menindee fish kill is third major kill in the upper Darling River  in five weeks. It reportedly involves hundreds of thousands of fish, coming on top of an estimated “up to a million” three weeks ago. On January 15, the ABC reported that contractors would start  the next week on the task of cleaning up the fish carcasses and that they had a window of five days to remove them before most would have sunk to the bottom to rot.

With the wait that occurred to appoint the contractors, it is plain that huge numbers would have sunk into the mud where the bacteria that causes putrefaction would have massively added to the oxygen depleted water problem initially caused by algal blooms. Ecosystem disaster language is being used without exaggeration.

A Central Darling Shire Council spokesman said that there were “very few contractors with the resources to deal…

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