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Selected quotes from  Quit Smoking Weapons of Mass Distraction

Simon Chapman AO

My new book  Quit Smoking Weapons of Mass Distraction (Sydney University Press 2022 359pp ISBN 9781743328538) will be published as an e-book on June 26 and as a paperback on July 1, 2020

You can read the Introductory chapter free here

You can order the book at Amazon here ($AUD4.99 e-book; $AUD28.80 paperback)

Below are quotes from the book that I hope will stimulate your interest.

The core message of the book

“The core message throughout this book has been that the overwhelming dominance of assisted cessation in the way that quitting has been framed over the past three decades has done a huge disservice to public understanding of how most smokers quit. Around the world, many hundreds of millions of smokers have stopped without professional or pharmacological help.”

On the dominance of unassisted cessation in how most ex-smokers quit

“If we were able to estimate the total number of…

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