Elizabeth Macarthur, a Life at the Edge of the World, by Michelle Scott Tucker #BookReview

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I first heard of Elizabeth Macarthur when I was ten years old in Grade Five.  I’d been in Australia for less than a year, but I was in my third Australian school by then, with the first teacher whose name I can remember and the only one I ever loved.  Her name was Miss Baird.  She was young and pretty and enthusiastic and kind, and when she asked us to do a project on wool I put my heart and soul into it, to please her.  I sent away to the Wool Board for their ‘project kit’, learned ‘all about’ John and Elizabeth Macarthur, and proudly told their story on my project poster, complete with samples of fine merino wool .  Miss Baird was so impressed with my efforts she showed it at some conference she went to – and even asked if she could keep it at the end…

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