The Memory Trap, by Andrea Goldsmith

For those who may be unaware, Lisa Hill (the reviewer) is my wife and Andrea Goldsmith (the author) is an old uni friend of mine. What a small world!

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‘Is it any good?’ asked The Spouse, when I told him I’d finished The Memory Trap this morning.  He was friends with Andrea Goldsmith at university, and loves to hear about her books when I read them.  A reader of non-fiction, he doesn’t read novels, but he’s always interested in the ones that trigger thoughtful discussion about issues and ideas, and last night, in the car en route to see a production of The King and I, we’d talked about a key theme in this book, the purpose and meaning behind public monuments and memorials…

‘It’s very good,’ I replied.  ‘It’s one of those books that you’re really sorry to finish.’

I feel bereft, now that I’ve come to the end.  The Memory Trap is a character-driven novel, and I’ve come to know and be very interested in its characters.  They’re like people you meet when you travel, and you promise each other…

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2 responses to “The Memory Trap, by Andrea Goldsmith

  1. Thanks Lynne! Glad to know this is helpful.


  2. I went to school with Andrea Goldsmith, but one year below. We have met since, she claimed a vague recognition, but she may have been authorially polite. I have loved her earlier books, so was very interested in this review.

    This is an excellent review, giving enough insight to know whether it is something I would want to read (it is) along with personal response, all well written. It will be interesting for me to compare to my research on prehistoric monuments, which are for totally different reasons, to ideas about modern memorials and monuments.

    Thank you for this posting.


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